Progress starts now: How to improve your reading skills and grow in confidence

Did you know that there are other ways to improve your reading skills than sitting in a classroom? Please understand me correctly; there are many benefits to learning English in a classroom. I would like to suggest some other ways that you can improve your English reading skills.

Start choosing a word of the day.

A word of the day is an engaging and fun way to start expanding your vocabulary. I love stationery, and it is not uncommon to find journals and diaries that include words of the day or key quotes from influential people. If you love writing, I would recommend that you buy one of these journals. Various mobile phone apps include a word of a day, as does the Merriam Webster Word of the Day website. Why not start writing a word of the day in a notebook each day? You will be surprised how much your vocabulary will improve.

Join a library

Whether you are on a budget or not, a library is a fantastic resource to have when reading. At a library, you can access texts of all different natures and audiobooks. A community library will provide you with a wide range of literature or audiobook options, whereas a university library will provide you with more academic texts, both of which are useful. Membership to a library is often free, so this is a great option to help you improve your reading skills.

Read local newspapers and magazines.

If you are regularly exposed to formal and informal English, you will have many opportunities to practise and improve your English reading skills. When you buy a daily newspaper, you can stay aware of current events and enhance your knowledge of different topics. You can also familiarise yourself with various reporting and journalistic styles and strengthen your ability to read about diverse issues.

Join one of our courses

I Speak offers a range of courses and classes that can help you to develop your English reading skills. If you want to receive valuable feedback from a teacher, or if you wish to book a personalised lesson to suit your individual needs, then visit our services page to discover more.

Watch your favourite films with English subtitles.

Did you know that watching things in English is similar to reading an English magazine? When you relax and immerse yourself in language, your brain is more likely to absorb new information. Popular culture can expose you to a wider variety of words and phrases. This learning strategy complements traditional classroom learning and is also more likely to introduce you to more vocabulary along the way.

Write down interesting words, phrases and slang in a notebook.

English is the native language of more than one country around the world. In addition to this, each country has a unique way of speaking English. A method that I always recommend is to write down all of the unusual or confusing words or phrases that you have heard. Later, you can ask your friends or a teacher to help you translate or explain these words. You may then be able to help someone else learn these words in the future.

Learn skim-reading

Skim reading means scanning a text to pick up the core meaning of each paragraph. This remarkable technique means that you can identify the core essence of a text without spending too much time trying to read each new word. This essential skill will help you read with confidence and enable you to develop your comprehension skills and grammar skills.

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